Building Microservices with NGINX

Building Microservices with NGINX


Building Microservices with NGINX is an 8-hour course for developers and solution architects who want an introduction to microservice reference architecture and how to deploy a solution using NGINX/NGINX Plus and Kubernetes. 


Building Microservices with NGINX is designed for Developers or Solution Architects who are ready to begin building an application using a microservices architecture, whether they are migrating a monolith or starting with a new application. The course outlines the basics of the necessary technologies to begin this journey. Students first gather requirements in order to understand which of the NGINX Microservices Network Architectures best suits their use case, then students will learn how to containerize their applications using docker and docker-compose. Next, students explore container orchestration platform concepts and ultimately deploy their microservices using Kubernetes. To further understand Kubernetes architecture, students will deploy the NGINX Ingress Controller in order to load balance traffic to their microservices, and eventually tune the ingress resource to become performant, scalable, and secure. 


8 hours


  • Deploy a Microservice using Docker
  • Deploy a Microservices Application using Docker Compose
  • Configure NGINX Plus as an API Gateway
  • Deploy a Microservices Application in a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Architect a Microservices Network Reference Architecture with the NGINX Ingress Controller and Kubernetes


  • Solution Architects
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Full Stack Developers


Building Microservices with NGINX assumes mastery of the objectives covered in NGINX Core, or similar professional experience.



Microservices Overview

  • What is a Microservice?
  • Gathering Requirements
  • Transition RoadmapContainer
  • Modern Application Architecture
    • Monolith to Microservice
    • Building Microservices
  • 9 - Step Journey


  • What is a Container?
  • Container Use Cases, Pros and Cons, Classifications
  • Docker Overview
    • Docker Images
    • DockerFile
    • Docker CLI

Deploying Microservices

  • App Definition
  • docker-compose
  • Container Networking
  • Container Port Mapping
  • NGINX as a LoadBalancer

API Gateway

  • API Gateway Overview
  • Service Endpoint Best Practices
  • Designing and Building the Gateway
  • NGINX+ as an API Gateway
  • Securing API requests
    • NGINX auth_jwt module (JWT)

Live Activity Monitoring

  • Dynamic Configuration
    • Pros and Cons
    • Shared Memory Zone
  • NGINX+ Dashboard
  • Active health Checks
    • match block

Container Orchestration

  • Kubernetes Overview
  • Key Features
  • Core Concepts
    • namespace
    • replica set
    • pods
    • secrets
  • YAML File review
  • Rolling Updates

NGINX Ingress Controller

  • Ingress Resource Overview
  • Use Cases, Pros and Cons, Best Practices
  • Installation + Configuration


  • Use Cases
  • Key Features
  • Syntax, Architecture Overview
    • Main
    • Controller
    • Router
  • Installation + Configuration
  • Unit API Commands

Network Reference Architectures

  • M.R.A Project
    • Value of M.R.A.
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Fabric Model
  • Proxy Model
  • Router Mesh
  • 9-Step Journey Deep Dive

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