Microservice Network Architectures with NGINX +


Microservice Network Architectures with NGINX + is an 8-hour class in which you’ll explore the Proxy, Router Mesh, and Fabric network architecture models in the context of the NGINX Microservice Reference Architecture.

Fabric Model


Microservice Network Architectures with NGINX is a one day, hands-on class in which you’ll explore 3 microservices network models: the Proxy, the Router Mesh, and the Fabric. You’ll start with a discussion of the Proxy model, its components, and most applicable use cases. You’ll then implement the Proxy model in your training environment. Once you’ve completed the Proxy model, you’ll move to the Router Mesh -- reconfiguring your microservices networking with centralized load balancing. Finally, you’ll reconfigure the Router Mesh to create the Fabric model -- in which every container has its own load balancer and all container-to-container traffic is over SSL/TLS.


8 hours


  • Evaluate what is the best network architecture for your application
  • Work within a container management system to deploy and modify your microservices
  • Setup a proxy model architecture
  • Setup a router mesh architecture
  • Setup a fabric model architecture
  • Utilize SSL/TLS between all of your containers
  • Setup the circuit breaker pattern between your services


Microservice Network Architectures with NGINX + is for experienced NGINX admins and developers who are comfortable working with NGINX .conf files and understand microservices architectures.


Participants in Microservice Network Architectures with NGINX + should bring a solid understanding of current web server functionality and experience configuring proxies and load balancing.

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