NGINX Controller

NGINX Controller


NGINX Controller is an 8-hour course that shows students how to install the NGINX Controller software and use it to configure and manage NGINX Plus instances as load balancers, or as an API gateway.


In the NGINX Controller class, you’ll install the Controller server and install the Controller agent software on two NGINX Plus instances that will load balance backend Web servers. You’ll use the Controller Analyzer to determine what best practice configurations should be applied to a load balancer and you learn how to set alerts based on the metrics collected by the Controller. You’ll learn how to set up new users and create configuration templates and apply them to multiple instances. You’ll learn how to tag, filter, and graph metrics and create custom dashboards. After configuring two load balancers, you'll use Controller to configure and manage an API gateway.


2 Days


After completing the course, you will be able to

  • Install NGINX Controller
  • Install NGINX Controller Agent on NGINX Plus
  • Configure load balancing templates
  • Copy, modify and apply load balancing templates to NGINX Plus instances
  • Locate NGINX Controller and NGINX Plus log files
  • Configure NGINX to allow collection of additional NGINX metrics
  • Monitor system metrics
  • Monitor additional NGINX metrics
  • Create pre-configured dashboards
  • Create custom dashboards including individual graphs and values
  • Create new users
  • Create alerts based on thresholds
  • View and cancel notifications
  • Use the Controller Analyzer to view and correct configurations
  • Configure and test multiple load balancing methods
  • Configure NGINX Plus as an API gateway
    • Create an endpoint
    • Configure backends
    • Add an API base path and resources
  • Create routes and individual policies
  • Create, publish and test an API environment
    • Set policy on an API environment
    • Access via an api key HTTPS access


This class is intended for admins and DevOps professionals wishing to become familiar with the capabilities of the NGINX Controller software.


No prior experience with NGINX is required. Participants should have a basic understanding of web servers. Currently, the installation of the Controller and Agent software is done at the command line, but most of the work is done in the UI and all instructions are provided in the course guide.

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