NGINX Training

NGINX Training Instructor Led Training

Securing Applications with NGINX

Securing Applications with NGINX is an 8-hour course for individuals who want a deep understanding of NGINX and NGINX Plus's security features.

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NGINX Controller

NGINX Controller is an 8-hour course that shows students how to install the NGINX Controller software and use it to configure and manage NGINX Plus instances as load balancers, or as an API gateway.

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NGINX Advanced Caching

NGINX Advanced Caching is an 4-hour course that picks up where NGINX Core leaves off -- providing a deep dive into how caching works, tools to manage your cache, techniques for tuning your cache, and methods to scale your cache.

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NGINX Advanced Load Balancing

NGINX Advanced Load Balancing is a 4-hour class for system administrators, DevOps, and architects who need a deeper understanding of NGINX load balancing.

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NGINX Core is an 8 hour course that provides the foundation you need to administer, configure, and manage NGINX. Through lecture and hands-on activities you implement NGINX as a web server, load balancer, and as a reverse proxy. You'll secure your site with SSL/TLS, improve site performance with caching and compression. And you'll learn how to monitor and troubleshoot your site with live activity monitoring, custom logging, and dynamic server configuration. Whether you are new to NGINX, starting your first NGINX project, or refining your DevOps skills, NGINX Core will give you a grounding you can build on. NGINX Core is also your gateway to more advanced training topics like Building Microservices with NGINX, and others.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Great class, succinct and covered a lot of ground.

- F5 Networks

The class was actually good and super useful

- Grover