NGINX Advanced Exam


This exam assesses your understanding of the concepts and features that are covered in the NGINX Advanced training course. It also assumes you know NGINX basics as covered in the NGINX Fundamentals course, either from taking the course or from practical experience. Advanced NGINX users can take this exam to determine whether you have mastered core NGINX concepts and features and are ready to move onto the NGINX Performance Tuning course.

While experienced users might pass the exam without studying, we strongly recommend that you complete both the NGINX Fundamentals and NGINX Advanced courses, and review the material to prepare for the test.


Topics that will be assessed in the exam include:

  • Features of NGINX Plus
  • Variables
  • Advanced location routing
  • URL rewrites
  • Advanced load balancing
  • Dynamic configuration of upstream servers
  • Monitoring your NGINX server
  • Health checks
  • Basic security configuration
The assessment is a multiple choice exam that is conducted online and can be taken at anytime. It is self paced with no time limit and you are allowed to use reference materials to aid you.

Once you have purchased the exam, it will be accessible via a link in your profile.