NGINX Advanced Caching

NGINX Advanced Caching


NGINX Advanced Caching is an 4-hour course that picks up where NGINX Core leaves off -- providing a deep dive into how caching works, tools to manage your cache, techniques for tuning your cache, and methods to scale your cache.


NGINX Advanced Caching is for system admins and DevOps who need a deeper understanding of NGINX Caching.

The course begins with a brief review of caching basics from NGINX Core. Participants then dive into how caching works – exploring cache types, cache controls, cache loader, cache manager and the cache layout on disk. Once you've finished with the basics, you'll dive more deeply into managing cached content. You'll run manual purges of cached content, load previously cached data, and configure the cache loader to load the cache incrementally. Next, you'll explore tuning the cache. You'll use proxy_cache_bypass and no_cache directives to appropriately identify content that should and should not be cached. You'll also manage how and when NGINX will deliver stale content and override caching instructions from the origin server. NGINX Advanced Caching finishes with issues arising from cache under load. You'll implement microcaching. You'll scale your cache across multiple disks and learn how to make sure blocking doesn't occur when writing large amounts of data to caching. Finally, you'll implement byte-range caching, discuss clustering for scalability and HA, and shard your cache.


4 hours


  • Configure a cache for static content
  • Explain how caching works
  • Map content to its cached version
  • Manually purge the cache
  • Load cache from disk
  • Manage which content is cached
  • Determine how to manage stale content
  • Configure microcaching
  • Use byte-range caching to speed delivery of very large files from cache


NGINX Advanced Caching is for system administrators, DevOps, and others with more complex caching requirements.


NGINX Advanced Caching is for people who've completed NGINX Core or who have commensurate experience. Hands on labs require running basic UNIX commands, navigating the files system, and creating and editing configuration files at the command line.

Additional Notes

NGINX Advanced Caching is a 1/2 day, 4-hour course including hands-on labs.


  • How Caching Works
    • Review of basic cache configuration
    • LAB: Set up basic cache
    • NGINX Cache types
    • How caching works (cache control headers, expires, etag...)
    • Understanding the cache loader and cache manager processes
    • Understanding the cache layout on disk
    • LAB: Map files on disk to cache
    • Debug the cache.
    • Extended status
    • LAB: Perform benchmark test
  • Managing Cached Content
    • Identifying the content location on disk
    • Cache Purge
    • LAB: Purge the cache with proxy_cache_purge
    • Cache Loader and Manager
    • LAB/Demo: load previous instrumentation of cache data, load cache from disk incrementally
    • Dynamic Caching
  • Cache Tuning
    • Managing cached content
    • Cache bypass, no_cache
    • Managing stale content
    • use_stale
    • SwR/SiE
    • Proxy_cache_valid - configure caching independent of origin server instructions
    • LAB: Cache bypass, no_cache, proxy_cache_valid
  • Cache Scaling
    • Microcaching
    • LAB: Microcaching to speed up performance, perform test
    • Scaling across multiple disks
    • Mounting to tmpfs
    • Async IO, thread_pool
    • LAB: Async IO
    • Cache slice (byte-range caching)
    • LAB: Byte range caching
    • Clustering the cache for scalability and HA - sharing and sharding
    • LAB: Sharding

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