Video Streaming with NGINX

Video Streaming with NGINX


High-quality video delivery is crucial to attracting customers to your website and making them want to come back, whether you are selling a product, training new users, or developing your brand. But delivering video reliably to so many different devices in so many locations is a huge challenge. NGINX is an ideal solution.

In the NGINX Video Streaming course, you will learn how to configure NGINX to deliver high-quality video streams. The course begins with an overview of video streaming concepts, so you don't need to have a background in video streaming. The course then covers how to use the NGINX streaming modules for all types of delivery from basic progressive download and pseudo-streaming through the various adaptive streaming methods.

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  • Video streaming concepts
  • NGINX streaming modules
  • Progressive download and pseudo-streaming
  • Adaptive streaming with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Adaptive streaming with HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
  • Tips and tricks


3 hours


This course is for system administrators who have some experience with NGINX, and who want to learn how to stream video with NGINX. Fundamental knowledge of NGINX is assumed in this course.


This course assumes a foundational understanding of NGINX. Participants should:

  • Understand the NGINX configuration file structure
  • know how to setup a basic NGINX server to serve static content
  • Basic knowledge of a Linux based operating system and how to use the command line
  • Have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
  • Have a Linux machine, in order to participate on the exercises.
  • Video streaming or video encoding experience is not required

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